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Welcome to the new blog "Everything Technology Marketing". As the title suggests, this blog will be about topics that are relevant and interesting to marketing professionals in high-tech industries - from software and IT to clean energy technologies. Topics will include go-to-market planning, branding, lead generation, campaign management, competitive analysis, marketing tactics, social media and more.

Sure there are already tons of blogs on marketing but few with a B2B technology focus. As with all my blogs, this is not a one-way blog where I write about my thoughts on tech marketing. Instead, this blog will feature contributions from a variety of authors and sources to generate a good mix of interesting content, and I hope this will stimulate interesting debates. Enjoy the blog!

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Srinivas K said...


Great to know about this blog dedicated to technology marketing. I am a technology markeitng enthusiastic who is excited to gain expertise and eager to take a deeper look into the pragmatic marketing world and discover different attention grabbing and connectiing methods, two of primitive needs what marketing addresses. I have a blog dedicated to marketing as well. Please find the link here:


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