New Report: 2011 B2B Content Marketing Trends

SlideShare views for the new report "2011 B2B Content Marketing Trends" are off the charts - looks like we have a topic that is really resonating with B2B marketers.

This new report is the result of a survey I conducted with the 20,000 member B2B Technology Marketing Community on LinkedIn to better understand the current state of content marketing, and to identify key challenges as well as best practices.

Survey Results

Here is a quick snapshot of the survey findings:

  • Content marketing is growing dramatically in popularity with over 71 percent of respondents doing more of it than a year ago (in contrast, only 2 percent are doing less).
  • The biggest motivator for content marketing is its ability to drive awareness, leads, and engagement with prospects to compensate where where traditional tactics are falling short.
  • The most popular content formats: case studies, presentations at live events, white papers, online articles and videos.
  • The biggest challenge: producing truly engaging content.
  • Companies spend an average of 20 percent of their budgets on content marketing.
  • The most popular channels to deliver content: website, live events, email.
  • The top performance metric for content marketers is leads.

Follow this link to read the complete 2011 B2B Content Marketing Trends report with lots of charts and data that will help you benchmark your own content marketing initiative (and don't forget to share the report with your friends and colleagues):

Thanks to everyone who participated in the survey. Please share your content marketing ideas and questions with our readers in the comments section below.


Nick Stamoulis said...

Content marketing can be extremely effective for B2B. People are looking for information before making decisions. Content is what establishes your business as an authority figure in the industry and sets you apart from the rest.

jammmichael said...

This survey result on b2b marketing is quite impressive. It has some good result and significant outcome.

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