You Have No Metrics for B2B Social Media Measurement? (Survey Sneak Peek)

Here is another interesting result from the B2B social media survey. I was surprised to learn that a plurality of B2B marketers (45%) say they don't have ANY metrics in place for measuring social media effectiveness. None. Something tells me that B2B marketers will get away with this only for a short time until investment in social media comes under increased scrutiny.

Take a look the chart below to see the popularity of various social media metrics for measuring activity, followership, engagement, leads, and sales results (click chart to enlarge | n = 210).

Resources to learn more about social media metrics
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Unknown said...

An revealing insight - thanks for posting. I agree with you that marketers will not get away with no measurements when the time they spend on Social Media Marketing (SMM) reaches critical thresholds and they are asked to justify the expense.

Interestingly enough, the smallest bar in the chart reflects that only about 10% of people use Return on Investment, or as it applies here, Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI). This is almost certainly due to the fact that calculating ROMI has been, until recently, extremely difficult. But these days, with the advent of Inbound Marketing and Marketing Automation, or what I call Inbound Marketing Automation (IMA), it's actually quite easily accomplished.

We find that the best way to do this (as with any process), is to conduct the campaign according to a rigorous Process Specification which dictates what to, how to do it, and when to do it, and perhaps most importantly, what to do about measuring your effort. This is the path of Continuous Process Improvements and its followed by using the Mantra: Think, Plan, Do, Measure and Repeat.

Sounds very theoretical, doesn't it? To give our clients an example, we wrote a series of posts which describe the approach in detail, specifically in how it relates to SMM. There are 4 posts in the series:

1) How to Run a SMM Campaign. This is the formal process description on how to run your campaigns. And because it calls for one to measure ROI as one of the metrics to use in monitoring your campaign, the other 3 posts cover:
2) How to measure the ROI of your website as a whole
3) The 10 best free ROI calculators on the Web and
4), How to build your own ROI calculator so that you can measure the ROI of your SMM.

Here's the link:

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