Survey Result: The Top-3 Goals of Content Marketing

Last month, we asked over 30,000 members of the B2B Technology Marketing Community on LinkedIn about content marketing. The results are in. Here is the first in our series of sneak previews of the survey results (the complete report will be available shortly). The first survey question was "What are your top-3 goals for content marketing?" and here is what 727 marketers say:

#1 Lead Generation
With 68 percent of responses, the most mentioned goal for content marketing is lead generation. This is up from 62 percent in last year's survey. No major surprises here considering that content marketing has emerged as a critical B2B strategy to drive inbound lead generation (in response to outbound B2B tactics becoming increasingly ineffective). In other words, lead generation is the ultimate promise of content marketing. 

#2 Thought Leadership & Market Education
The next highest ranked content marketing goal is thought leadership and market education with 50 percent of responses (up from 37 percent in last year's survey). This pattern is also consistent with the promise of content marketing as a strategy to educate and influence buyer behavior in the vendor's favor.

#3 Brand Awareness
Brand awareness, with 39 percent of responses (up from 34 percent last year), has replaced last year's number three content marketing goal, lead nurturing.

See the chart for the complete ranking - and stay tuned for the next sneak preview of the content marketing survey results.

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