Top-10 B2B Marketing Topics of 2010

With 2010 coming to an end, it is time for a quick review of the most popular B2B marketing posts on the Everything Technology Marketing blog.

The 10 Most Popular Blog Posts (by number of re-tweets)

1 - 5 Steps to B2B Marketing Success (100)

2 - The Brave New World of B2B Marketing - Are You Ready? (98)

3 - Is Traditional B2B Marketing Dead? (87)

4 - What B2B Marekting tactics are Up, Down, Flat? (79)

5 - A Simple B2B Marketing Framework (75)

6 - Social Media in B2B Marketing - Survey Results (47)

7 - Is B2B Marketing Ready for Social Media? (44)

8 - Is the In-House B2B Marketing Department Going Away? (39)

9 - It's Budget Season - B2B Marketing Budget Trends (39)

10 - You Have No Metrics for B2B Social Media Measurement? (36)

I hope you had a successful and productive 2010. Thank you all for participating in this blog - I learned a lot from our discussions this year. See you in 2011!

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